Audra Patterson

Audra discovered yoga in 1999 in a small studio in Madison Wisconsin USA and immediately fell in love with yoga. She would go to class and learn the sequence and practice at home the other days of the week. In 2002, she moved to Mexico City to study dance and get a master’s degree in Ecological Restoration in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. After 10 years of consistent practice of yoga and dance, she decided to get study a Yoga Teacher Training in ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and found her life’s passion. She quickly went on to study a 300 hour certification and taught as many classes as she possibly could. In 2014, Audra moved to Tulum, took another 200 hour certification with Yoga Alliance and assisted multiple teacher trainings in that studio. She went on to teach multiple teacher trainings and retreats as well as classes and workshops for all levels of experience and ability. She has now taught over 7000 hours of classes and is finishing a 300 hour course on biomechanics and yoga with Jules Mitchell. She primarily teaches creative vinyasa, restorative, slow flow, and focuses on body awareness, presence, expansion, and creativity, and can adapt to any level of practice or ability.

Mudra Retreats

Symbolic gesture used in various religions to gain physical, energetic and spiritual benefits. Mudras are used in Yoga to complete some positions during the meditation phases.