Mudra Retreats is a new young and vibrant organization who is also able to find the perfect corporate event with yoga and wellbeing in mind. We will listen to your requirements and will deliver your corporate retreat in a a fun, productive, adventurous, relaxing and delicious way!
Getting your team out of the office and immerse them into nature is one of the best ways to team build, generate creative ideas and reward your hard-working associates for a job well done. It is a chance to connect and revive as well as generate enthusiasm and ultimately enhance productivity.
You don’t have to be a seasoned practitioner, these yoga retreats are in fact suitable for people that have never tried yoga before.. they will definitely end up having a great experience in a fun and relaxing environment.

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Mudra Retreats

Symbolic gesture used in various religions to gain physical, energetic and spiritual benefits. Mudras are used in Yoga to complete some positions during the meditation phases.