Daniela Ospina

Born in Bogota Colombia, she starts studying Classic Ballet at the age of 6; she continues as professional ballerina till the age of 21, whilst getting closer and closer to contemporary dance.

Graduated in literature studies at the Pontificia Javeriana University, she moves to Mexico where she studies at the Mazatlan Professional Dance School with a specialization in contemporary dance.
Moving to Mexico City, she starts to deepen her interests into different type of moves, aiming to find the connection between the body in a more present form with the spirit, whils getting closer to martial arts and Capoeira; she finally reaches Yoga, finding the right place where the body is seen in a more holistic and inclusive form and where each human being works to develop the way to become a better self.

She continues her yoga studies with Karunamayi Dasi in 2010 and with Leonardo Estrada Mendez in 2011.
In 2016, she become a Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hata yoga teacher within the Mexican Foundation of Universal Yoga in Mexico City.
Finally she moves to Tulum Quintana Roo to be a Yoga master and running the Alraun Dance Company.

Mudra Retreats

Symbolic gesture used in various religions to gain physical, energetic and spiritual benefits. Mudras are used in Yoga to complete some positions during the meditation phases.