Olga Lingard

Originally from Mexico City, Olga has developed, from a very early age, the body awareness through dance, learning its physical and emotional benefits. As a lover of the sea, she studied Oceanography in Ensenada, Baja California. Living a deeper connection with nature, she discovered her spiritual and integral relationship with the universe. In her self-enquiry she followed a Yoga Teachers Course at Ananda Yoga from the Heart in 2008. Following her path as an instructor she realized the need for a safe and conscious practice, achieving her second certification in Anusara Yoga, where her studies focused on body alignment and concentration with the inner self.

Following her passion of learning more to serve better, she continued her education with different workshops in anatomy, therapeutic yoga, biomechanics and completed her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) at Neijing School in Cancun. Today she is a teacher who offers a therapeutic approach in her classes, helping in the effective treatment of specific injuries of her students.

Mudra Retreats

Symbolic gesture used in various religions to gain physical, energetic and spiritual benefits. Mudras are used in Yoga to complete some positions during the meditation phases.